Alzheimer's Disease as an Adventure in Wonderland

A page from “Aliceheimer’s: Alzheimer’s Through the Looking Glass,” by Dr. Dana Walrath.

A page from “Aliceheimer’s: Alzheimer’s Through the Looking Glass,” by Dr. Dana Walrath.

Dr. Dana Walrath, a medical anthropologist with a background in art and writing, used her three year experience caregiving for her mother, Alice, to inspire the memoir, “Aliceheimer’s: Alzheimer’s Through the Looking Glass,”. Alice was in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease during this time, and the book is a tribute to her animated mind.

"Aliceheimers" was created with the technique of graphic medicine, which uses text and graphics to “let us better understand those who are hurting, feel their stories, and redraw and renegotiate those social boundaries.”

 When asked in an interview with the New York Times about how her book might influence the caregiving community, Dr. Walrath shared the following:

I would love to see “Aliceheimer’s” contribute to reframing dementia as a diversity issue. Of course there is loss involved, but the more we can see people living in this state as useful true humans who might teach us all something about living in the present, about knowing sides of our loved ones that social processes kept inaccessible, the better it will be.

To learn more about graphic medicine, the background behind the book's creation, and how it can help others caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease, read the whole article on the New York Times Health Blog.

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