Medication and Fall Prevention


One of the key factors in avoiding falls is to be aware of the side effects of some medications in accelerating falls. Many seniors are prescribed several medications for ongoing or current conditions and they, alone or taken with other prescriptions, can contribute to a devastating fall that can change someone's life.

This article from Daily Caring gives great detail about the class of medications that you should know about if you are or have been prescribed them by your doctor. Being your own advocate is very important to maintaining your health as the bevy of doctors who care for you may not be in contact with each other. so they may prescribe something that has adverse interactions with another medication or your physical condition, such as dizziness, weakened legs, etc.

As an ongoing program and in conjunction with Mastick Senior Center in Alameda, Alice Home Care and Highland Hospital will be holding FREE Matter of Balance classes for Fall Prevention for seniors starting August 6th-August 29th. It will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00AM-12:00PM (RSVP at 510-747-7500).
This is an important program for seniors at risk of falling or even to learn proactive activities to avoid falls and is great preparation for Falls Prevention Day 2019. This year it is on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Be careful of the medications you are prescribed and their side effects which may contribute to falls. You can help yourself learn falls prevention techniques at the free class at Alameda's Mastick Center.

Written by: Gayle Uchida, Community Relations

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