Meet our two Caregivers of the Year, Doris and Tasha.


Doris Oakland, CA

Doris is an Oakland native who has raised three children as a single mother. She has quite a long history of caregiving and started on the path when she was still in high school. She became a caregiving companion for her neighbor’s mother who was ill. She helped out with daily living activities, preparing meals and making sure her friend was safe.

She has been with our agency since 2012 and her client, Robert, affectionately called her good ol’ Doris (god!). While he sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2015, his wife, Beverly, says that they both adored her. They would often tell her that they want her around, so she would constantly reassure them she was not going anywhere. They say she went above and beyond caregiver duties for them and she ranked “A1” in their book.


Tasha is the mother of five children and a loving wife to William. She is originally from Tonga but has been in Alameda for many years. She has had numerous clients and they all sing her praises without exception. In fact, our client since 2014, Mary, had this to say about Tasha.

“I am so happy you have selected Tasha with this honor. I wish there were more caregivers like her. She is not just my caregiver but a friend as well. When I am with her, we have a good time together. And I knew from my first meeting with her that this would be a good match and it has worked out perfectly for me.”


If you would like to lend a helping hand and have a caring heart, please apply with us today.