Hear from our clients.

“I’m very pleased with the home care that I’ve received from the agency since I’ve been here in Alameda, particularly because my wife is away several days a week babysitting for my granddaughter and I would be very limited without a caregiver to watch me and help me out. I was pleased that the people assigned, particularly George most recently, have been very available to do small jobs around the house, drive me to places I have to go, and watch over me carefully so I do not fall or put myself in dangerous situations. Personality wise, George and I get along very well; he’s friendly, outgoing, talkative, and helps me feel like I have a companion in addition to a caregiver. I think it has also given my wife the feeling of security knowing that I’m with someone that she can trust and who is absolutely reliable.
— Joel B. from Alameda
We are happy that my mother has a caregiver as she was living alone after my dad died and my brother and I live a distance away. With a caretaker, we now know that she is much safer with someone in the house always keeping an eye on her. This has given my brother and me peace of mind in knowing that she is no longer isolated living by herself and there is always someone there to help her. Although my mother was initially reluctant to have a caretaker, she now appreciates having the company of someone she can speak with, take her on daily walks, help her with her daily needs, and have as a friend.
— Vince M. from Alameda
Sofie is reliable, patient and intuitive in helping my husband in his current condition. She makes him feel comfortable. Sofie works really well with my husband that I feel I can go out with my mind at ease because with Sofie around everything will be taken care of.
— Florence G. from Walnut Creek
The past few months have been no fun as I have had to have not one, but two major surgeries. However, with my caregiver Vivien handling my care and recovery, I am doing quite well. Vivien is a special person and is outstanding as a caregiver. She is caring and kind as well as competent and efficient so it is reassuring to be with her. She does everything well and often doesn’t even need for me to ask her. My recuperation has been slower than I want but knowing that I have Vivien with me on this journey is comforting because she will help me heal well and completely.
— Gail C. from Alameda
All caregivers were caring, compassionate, friendly, and responsive to patient and family. Went above and beyond!
— Edith B. from Walnut Creek