Chair Yoga for Seniors

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Chair Yoga enables you to practice yoga no matter your age or physical condition. And the benefits remain the same:

  • Mindfulness as a tool for stress relief

  • Maintain your strength, balance and flexibility

  • Key to your well being and self-care

  • It is fun as you can do it at your own pace

This type of yoga is available at many yoga studios but also at many Senior Centers. In fact, Mastick Senior Center in Alameda offers chair yoga in addition to standing yoga poses. Try the 30 minute chair yoga sequence below from YouTube; you may enjoy it! Instructor Sherry Zak Morris makes the class engaging and explains the benefits behind each movement.

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and the benefits I listed above are what I have gained and then some. There is a community when you are doing the poses and everyone in the room is doing this to help their quality of life. It is heartening to know that when my physical condition makes it tough to do standing yoga poses, chair yoga is available to me. There is a woman in my class who must be in her mid-80's and always mentions that yoga has kept her in shape and healthy. Watching her do the poses with such ease is inspiring to me when I take a class with her.

Written by: Gayle Uchida, Community Relations

Source: Chair Yoga for Seniors: Reduce Pain and Improve Health (Video) from DailyCaring

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