Five Tips for Talking with Parents About Aging


You may have noticed that your parents are starting to show signs of needing extra help. Perhaps the house is more dirty than before, medication doses are being missed, or they are losing their appetite. Talking with parents about aging is difficult, but it’s definitely better to have these important conversations before something drastic happens.

Here are five tips to help make talking with parents about aging a bit easier and more productive.

  1. General guidelines

    An outline will help you organize your thoughts and make sure you don’t forget your important points. Focus on the most important considerations: safety, peace of mind, freedom and social connection.

  2. Be respectful

    Put yourself in their shoes and let them know you care about their feeling and wants. Let them talk and listen to what they have to say. Even if your relationship may change, don’t consider yourself the “parent”.

  3. Who and where?

    Include everyone in the family that should be there. Have the conversation in a quiet place where your parents feel comfortable.

  4. Practice!

    If you’re feeling nervous, run your ideas past someone who is impartial to the situation.

  5. Use conversation starters

    Start with casual conversations to get the thoughts rolling. Consider an ice breaker:

    • “I’ve noticed that some things take more energy for you these days. What are the main things that you really want to do?”

    • “What are your priorities? How can we make it easier for you?”

    • Reference an event in the news or a story about an aging friend or family member.

Source: “How to Talk With Parents About Aging: 5 Tips and Conversation Starters” from DailyCaring

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